The pandemic has forced us all to think about different ways to do everyday things. When we had to start cancelling exams because of school closures and stay at home measures, we started to think about alternative ways to organise exams. We looked at Zoom and Facetime, and the possibilities of YouTube. But in the end we felt that the simplest, most straightforward, safest and most secure way to do them would be by video.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell: When you’ve filled out and submitted your booking form (see below), we’ll send you a link to a private and secure Dropbox folder that we will have created for your exam centre. You forward that link plus some helpful instructions that we’ve drafted, to each candidate. Your candidates simply video themselves performing their exam pieces at home, using a smartphone or any other filming device, and upload them to the folder. When all the candidates have uploaded their videos, we’ll give access to the folder to our examiner. Report sheets, certificates and medals will be written, printed and awarded in the usual way.

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