Diploma of Associate in Acting Performance: AIBSD (Acting)

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The Irish Board of Speech and Drama Diploma of Associate in Acting Performance provides an opportunity for candidates who have significant and varied drama experience to be assessed in a wide variety of drama forms.

The syllabus facilitates a candidate to develop his/ her skills, technique and talent in period and modern drama, verse speaking, prose speaking, mime/ movement to music, and sight reading.

Candidates will be expected to display a very high standard of technical and interpretive skills in order to pass the examination.

Please see our Diploma section for exam dates and closing dates for entries. Examination fees are available here.


The candidate must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the examination.


  1. Perform from memory a five minute recital, compiled by the candidate, comprising prose, verse, drama and a linking script (25%)
  2. Perform an own choice dramatic selection not to exceed 3 minutes duration from a recognised play written before 1900 (15%)
  3. Perform either a character sketch or a dramatic selection from a recognised play written since 1900 (3 minutes) (15%)
  4. Perform a mime OR short piece of movement to music choreographed by the candidate (15%)
  5. Perform an impromptu improvisation. The subject will be given by the examiner at the examination (2 minutes) (10%)
  6. Read at sight a short passage of Shakespeare (10%)
  7. Discuss with the examiner(s) your drama experience and future plans (10%)

75% is the mark required to pass the Diploma of Associate in Acting Performance examination.