Diploma of Associate in Musical Theatre Performance: AIBSD (Musical Theatre)

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The Irish Board’s Diploma of Associate (Musical Theatre Performance) syllabus provides those who wish to progress further in Musical Theatre with the opportunity to explore the genre and develop their skills.

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate a significant level of technical and interpretive skills in the key musical theatre elements of singing, acting and choreographed movement/dance.

Please see our Diploma section for exam dates and closing dates for entries. Examination fees are available here.



The candidate must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the examination.


  1. Introduce and perform from memory a thematically linked programme consisting of 5 performances including
    • three songs from published Musical Theatre works, at least one of which must have been written prior to 1960
    • two spoken items from published Musical Theatre works, or published plays

The programme must include singing, speaking/acting and choreographed movement/dance and contain a significant element of contrast (in mood, style, era and/or genre). The duration of the programme, including introduction, linking script, setting up and clearing away must not exceed 20 minutes.    (70%)


  1. Submit a Portfolio (of not more than 1500 words) containing a comprehensive study of a character of your choice from a published Musical Theatre work from any period.

The portfolio should contain:

    • information about the composer/author/librettist, period in which the work is set, genre, historical/social context
    • a summary of the plot
    • a description of the character and the character’s relationships with others in the work
    • ideas about staging, costume and make-up
    • comprehensive notes on how you would convey the character convincingly through voice, movement and

The Portfolio must be submitted with the entry form for the examination and will form the basis of a discussion with the examiners.  (20%)


  1. Discuss with the examiner(s) your musical theatre experience and future plans.  (10%)


75% is the mark required to pass the Diploma of Associate in Musical Theatre Performance