Irish Board of Speech and Drama Fellowship

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To be eligible for consideration for a Fellowship award, a candidate must:

  • hold the Irish Board of Speech and Drama Licentiate Diploma
  • have a minimum of ten years Speech and Drama teaching experience
  • have a current examination centre with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama
  • submit a resume of their work in speech and drama during the past five years.

Entry Procedure:

Candidates wishing to enter for the Fellowship examination should submit evidence of their eligibility, together with the examination fee by 1 May or 1 November. Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements will receive written confirmation that they have been accepted for examination within twenty-one days.


Section One: Practical Performance

Prepare and deliver from memory:

  1. A six minute recital on a single theme or author, to incorporate verse, prose and drama, with a linking script written by the candidate (50%)
  2. a three minute abstract mime (15%)
  3. a short piece of movement to music choreographed and performed by the candidate (15%)
  4. a performance, not to exceed three minutes, of one of the following:
    a.        scene from a contemporary comedy
    b.        a scene from a period play written before 1800
    c.        a scene from any play by William Shakespeare (20%)

Section Two: Viva Voce

To discuss with representatives of the Irish Board of Speech and Drama your contribution to Speech and Drama over the past five years, and to discuss any aspects of Speech and Drama chosen at the discretion of the representatives. Marks will be awarded for the demeanour, fluency, enthusiasm, originality and personality of the candidate. The duration of the discussion will not exceed 20 minutes.

Section Three: Thesis

To write and submit a thesis (minimum 10,000 words) on any original aspect of Speech, Drama or the Allied Arts. The thesis must be the candidate’s own work, and will be retained by the Irish Board of Speech and Drama.

A minimum of 75% in each section is the mark required in order to qualify for the award of a Fellowship of the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. The award will be made at the sole discretion of the Central Council of the Board.