Period Movement and Costume

A query from a teacher about the theory of Period Movement sparked a quick internet search.

I found a quite remarkable book called ‘Playing Period Plays‘ by Lyn Oxenford. It was published first in 1957 and it contains significant detail about dress, costumes, music and manners in various theatrical periods: Medieval and early Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean, Restoration and Georgian, and Victorian and Edwardian.

For each period, Oxenford considers the spirit of the plays of the period, movement in costume (including very detailed descriptions of costumes), occupations, manners and dances, and music. There are illustrations, historical notes, further reading suggestions and suggestions for scenes to practice the movement of the period.

Here’s a link to the book on ‘Playing Period Plays’

The one I got cost £1.90 plus postage.