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The Irish Board of Speech & Drama is an independent speech, drama, communications and musical theatre examining body.

We’re inclusive, encouraging, professional, accessible, comprehensive, helpful and approachable.

This site will tell you all you need to know about our exams and how we approach the examination process. Just click on the tabs you see above to explore. We are available to talk you through the process if you wish: just contact us anytime.

Covid-19 Update

We know things are still uncertain for many teachers, but we are resuming face-to-face exams for those who can facilitate it subject to public health guidelines. If face-to-face exams aren’t possible for you, don’t worry, our Zoom/Video exams are still an option.

Massive changes have taken place and huge adjustments have been required to open speech and drama schools. With that in mind, we have decided to extend the current syllabus until 31 August 2022, and to keep all fees at current levels.