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The Irish Board of Speech & Drama is an independent speech, drama, communications and musical theatre examining body.

We’re inclusive, encouraging, professional, accessible, comprehensive, helpful and approachable.

This site will tell you all you need to know about our exams and how we approach the examination process. Just click on the tabs you see above and on the right hand side to explore. We are available to talk you through the process if you wish: just contact us anytime.

Exam Update: Video-based Exams

We now offer video-based exams! The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world on its head and brought speech and drama to a screeching halt. Or so we thought. In fact, we have seen an incredible surge of online activity and creativity from speech and drama teachers and students over the past few weeks, and we have been inspired to follow suit with a new way of doing exams. We have all been asked to stay safe and stay at home so now we have a way in which exams can be done from there too. By video.

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