Online bookings are closed at the moment and will reopen again in August 2022.  →

To make the booking system easy to use, we’ve created separate booking forms for Speech and Drama exams (Acting, Communication Skills, Choir, ESL, Grade, Public Speaking and Reading), Musical Theatre exams (groups, solos and duets), Diploma exams and Zoom and Video exams. Please start by clicking on the one you want.

The forms are very straightforward. On the first page you’ll be asked to fill in your name, contact details, proposed exam dates and venue. The next page of the form will allow you to select the number of candidates for each exam. When you press submit, you’ll be taken to a secure payment area where you can pay the exam fees by credit card or Paypal. Once the process is complete, you’ll be emailed a copy of what you’ve submitted.

Please note that the minimum fee requirement for an examination centre is €400. (This does not apply to Zoom and Video exams.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like us to help you through the process.