Choose the Irish Board of Speech & Drama for your musical theatre, drama and communications exams because we are …


You can choose the date, time and venue for your exams. We only need one month’s notice. We’ll always do our utmost to accommodate your needs.


Our aim is to be fully inclusive. We will examine EVERY student, regardless of ability or need.


Our examiners are selected and trained carefully to create an atmosphere within which your students can perform to the best of their abilities. They will not be uncritical but they will be constructive.


We’re on the other end of the phone and are always ready and willing to give advice, suggest resources, demystify the exam process, answer any and all questions you might have about the exams and teaching. At, we have a huge selection of drama books and teachers’ resources for sale, all written by practicing teachers with vast experience. In our office we have a small resource library, open for browsing.

Expert and Professional

Our examiners are fully qualified practicing teachers with years of teaching experience and vast knowledge of speech and drama. They will be discerning in their assessment of your students. But they also understand the teaching process and the stresses and strains of exam time and will work with you to make your exam day as stress-free as possible.


We don’t set pieces for exams (although we can suggest some if you’re stuck). We believe that the poems and drama pieces that best display the skills and personalities of each of your students are those chosen through a process of dialogue between teacher and student. While learning theory is necessary to gain an understanding of why and how things work in speech and drama, our theory requirements are matched carefully with performance pieces and there’s no irrelevant stuff to learn.


We have the broadest range of exams possible: Grades, acting, musical theatre, public speaking, reading, English as a second language, communication skills, choral verse and diploma. So whatever the particular talents of your students, you’ll find an exam to suit each of them.