Organising exams with the Irish Board is easy …

  1. You prepare your students in accordance with the syllabus/ grades of your choice (we can give you guidance on age groups and suitable pieces, if you want).
  2. Book your exams through our online entry system no later than six weeks before the date on which you would like the examination to take place.
  3. We will email you confirming your booking, together with the name of the Irish Board examiner due to attend your centre. An ‘Exam Timetable Form’ will also be included, to list your student’s names and exam levels/grades, which is to be completed no later than three weeks before the exam(s).
  4. On the day, our examiner will give you a blank report sheet for each candidate and talk/ improvisation topics, if necessary.
  5. Each candidate will bring his/her report sheet into the examination room and hand it to the examiner.
  6. The examiner will hear the candidate’s pieces, write up his/her report sheet and award a mark.
  7. When all the candidates have been examined, the examiner will give you the written up report sheets, and a medal for the candidate receiving the highest mark. Within a reasonable period of time (usually within a month), we will send you an Irish Board Certificate for each candidate who received 70% or more in their examination.
  8. We will also send you Acting Medals for each candidate in the Acting Performance and Musical Theatre solo and duologue examinations achieving 80% or more, and
    proficiency medals, where awarded.

Please note that you must have at least 20 candidates to be eligible for a face-to-face examination and for Musical Theatre Group exams you must have at least 50 candidates.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll talk you through the process in detail.