Some Grade Syllabus Changes

Every so often teachers and examiners will send us comments on how our syllabuses work and what amendments we might consider to make them better. We take these suggestions seriously. Over the last few months, we’ve been working particularly on our Grade and Musical Theatre syllabuses. The latter is still in progress but we just wanted to give teachers a little advance notice of some of the significant changes we’ve made in the Grade syllabus.

In terms of practical requirements: in Grade 2, the illustration will now be the focus of a more formal one-minute presentation on the poem; we’ve moved the lyric from Grade 6 to Grade 8 (the Grade 6 poem is now to be a short poem by an Irish poet); we’ve swapped the prepared and unprepared improvisations, the former coming in Grade 7, with the latter in Grade 8; the mime in Grade 9 is now either character or abstract; the poem in Grade 11 is to be a sonnet only; and in Grade 12, the poem is to be written after 1960 and the prose is to be by a non-Irish author (Grade 9 prose is by an Irish author). In terms of the drama selections, in Grade 8 it’s by an Irish author and in Grade 11 it’s to be written before 1800.

The theory requirements have been made more specific while retaining their relevance to the pieces being performed. By the end of Grade 10, candidates will have covered all aspects of vocal modulation. We’ve brought back stage directions in Grade 5; we think it’s important that Grade 3 candidates should understand the difference between a vowel and a consonant; and that pitch, rate and pace are addressed explicitly in other grades. We still won’t require young people to learn about things that they don’t need to know. Triphthongs anyone? No thanks.




‘A Selection of Speech and Drama Solos, Duologues, Prose and Recitals’ has been published by the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. Compiled by Deirdre Galassi and Finola Ryan, the book contains a new and vibrant collection of pieces adapted and collated from works by Yeats, Joyce, Chekhov, Woolf and others.


The Way of the World by William Congreve
The Two Faces of Jane Eyre
The Two Faces of Eliza Doolittle

The Only Jealousy of Emer by W.B. Yeats
The Land of Heart’s Desire by W.B. Yeats
Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov

Lines from
The Dead by James Joyce
The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett
To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Deirdre of the Sorrows
St. Joan of Arc
William Butler Yeats

Advice on how to prepare a Solo Selection
Character Chart

To order from, go HERE

New Year’s Eve Procession of Light

From Susie Shiel, Creative Director of People’s Procession of Light
NYE Festival 2013


Hello everyone,

Dublin’s magical People’s Procession of Light is back and we would love you to join in this free, fun-filled,fantastical, family-friendly event . We’ll be lighting up the streets of Dublin, making our capital city the brightest it has ever been!

We are delighted to announce this year’s People’s Procession of Light will once more be led by LUXe,Ireland’s leading specialists in creative, imaginative and illuminated processions. Supported by an array of their sparkling street performers and enchanting characters LUXe bring magic wherever they go.



Would you like to be a LUXe Roma Dancer? A Cosmic Flyer? A Snow Angel? or perhaps you would like to be a Bird of Paradise?

LUXe is creating a visual and musical spectacle beyond everyone’s imaginations for this year’s procession and we are inviting young performers and youth drama & dance groups to perform with LUXe as part of the official LUXe entourage leading this year’s People’s Procession of Light.

We have a number of specific fun-filled roles available:

• 20 x Female Performers (between the ages of 11yrs old and 13 years old)
• 20 x Male /Female Performers (14yrs+)
• 20 x Female Performers (16yrs+)
• 20 x Male / Female (18+)

All volunteer performers will be required for rehearsals, costume fitting and make-up with the LUXe creative team on the afternoon of New year’s eve in The Round Room of The Mansion House. Call times TBC. The Procession begins at St. Stephen’s Green at 6.30pm with a grand finale at 7.45pm. All performers will then move back to the Mansion House to return costumes.

If you would like to be part of this special occasion, please email me

I look forward to hearing from you!

Susie Sheil
Creative Director of People’s Procession of Light
NYE Festival 2013

Visit the NYEDublin website for full information:
Check it out on Facebook (and see pictures from last year):

(Thanks to Ciara Phelan for drawing our attention to this)

IBSD Library Catalogue

We added some books to our library over the summer months. Poetry books, monologues, LAMDA anthologies and quite a few theory books/ teaching guides.

We’ve updated our library catalogue and this is now browseable online, through a rather remarkable website called ISSUU. Here’s the link:

IBSD Library Catalogue September 2013

When you click on this link, you’ll be brought to the catalogue. You can scroll through it, enlarge it and search it using the icons on the screen.

If you want a copy, please contact us and we’ll email you one.

You are more than welcome to visit us and browse the books in person. Just phone us on 01-2164270 to arrange a time.

If we get time, we’re hoping to review some of our new accessions soon.